About Us

About Chal Uttarakhand

Chal Uttarakhand is a unicorn travel agency based out of the picturesque Himalayan city of Dehradun and is currently one of the leading service providers for customized and private tourism packages across Uttarakhand. We are affiliated to a wide network travel associations and hospitality establishments for availing our guests and customers with facilities like lodging accommodations and transport rentals along with any & every other accessories that may be necessary & required.

Located in the prime locality of downtown Dehradun, our office is an iconic landmark in the city. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced staff to help and support our customers and guests with any travel related enquiries including car rentals and travel package selection. Our specialized travel consultants are actively available to advice and suggest our customers for customizing their itineraries based on their individual priorities and interests. 

Chal Uttarakhand is the largest independently owned travel agency headquartered in Dehradun and consistently ranked among the top service providers in the Uttarakhand. We are committed to the best in quality value to our customers in terms of the entire experience and services provided. Our passion for our work and love of travel fuels our motivation and commitment to make every interaction an unmatched & unparalleled experience for our customers, every time, without fail.

Chal Uttarkhand is an all inclusive, equal opportunity employer with a passion for providing exemplary customer service, leveraging our vast expertise and knowledge to create innovative travel solutions and deliver them to satisfaction. Being an employee-owned travel agency, with a high bar for our integrity and dedication to customer service, our vibrant company culture is invested in our great commitment & utmost dedication to work.

We’re into the hospitality & travel niche industry with the only & sole purpose of creating some cherishing memories and everlasting impressions on our tourists’ minds & hearts.