Enjoy your day out in nature under a sky full of sparkling stars!

What better way to enjoy your day out in Nature than camping in the open in a tent under a sky full of sparkling stars. And if that does not complete the picture and make it appealing enough, surely camping in the lush green meadows surrounded by snow clad mountains on all sides with a lone stream gurgling in the distance makes it an unmatched experience second to none. The finest way to enjoy is to find one at peace with themselves and there is no better way to do that but in the serenity of nature in the unmistakable company of friends and family. Sitting around a bonfire in the lap of lush green meadows with snow-clad peaks in the background, while the stars above keep sparkling like a million diamonds. 

Chal Uttarakhand offers a fantastic range of camping options for our guests and tourists in Uttarkhand. For those weary souls that are tired by the constant hustle and bustle of city, a day out in nature is the best way to unwind and find yourself in your best elements before you get back to your regular routine.

Chal Uttarakhand provides packaged camping tours across various destinations and variety of landscapes across the length and stretch of Uttarakhand, making the experience a singular one etched in your mind. Whether you want to camp in the midst of nature in a plain or in a hilltop, jungle camping or riverside camping, budget camping or luxury camping, we have a solution for every demand.

From  the easy and beginner camping tours of Chopta and Deoria Tal to the more advanced camping tours of Kedar Tal and finally expert level camping tours in the glacial valleys of the mountains via some of the remotest villages, Chal Uttarkhand has innumerous options for catering to every level of adventure & excitement.