Kedarkantha Trekking Route, Tips and Preparation

Since a few years ago, travellers see the Kedarkantha walk as one of the holiest pilgrimages they can ever visit. The Kedarkantha trek is thought by tourists & travellers to be as easy as any other hikes. But no, because it is situated between mountains and is covered in snow, the Kedarkantha walk is regarded as one of the hardest treks.

Only travelers who are healthy and have had a medical exam before traveling on the trek are advised to do so. Your decision to travel to Kedarkantha is the most genuine one you’ve ever made. Lord of Fields is the meaning of Kedarkantha, and in this particular way, Lord Shiva is shown. It is a pilgrimage in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, also known by the name of & called Dev Bhoomi. 

The most well-known, revered, spiritual, and picturesque location in India is Kedarkantha, which is situated in Uttarakhand. The walk, sacred shrines, and other attractions make Kedarkantha noteworthy. It is well-known for its Lord Shiva temple, which is one of India’s 12 jyotirlingas.

Mountains coated in snow and known for its aura surround Kedarkantha. It also produces a feeling of unadulterated happiness. Not to mention the spiritual undertone! The combination of the experience, the devotion, and the breathtaking scenery seems ideal. This is regarded as the mesmerising beauty and pinnacle of Lord Shiva, and it is said that He visits Kedarkantha in a variety of guises. As with other pilgrimages and God temples, these close in Kartik each year and reopen in Vaisakh.

The same is done in Kedarkantha. The Kedarkantha walk is captivating because it doesn’t matter how often you visit; all that counts is the view and the assurance that you won’t regret it because every day is packed with the genuine beauty of nature.

The creation of the New Trek Route to Kedarkantha facilitates traveller access to the trek:

  1. Travel to Gaurikund, the place where the most breathtaking trek begins.
  2. Using the Rambara Bridge, connect Gaurikund and Jungle Chatti.
  3. From Jungle Chatti to Bheem Bali
  4. Bheem Bali to Linchauli
  5. Kedarkantha Base Camp to Linchauli
  6. From the Kedarkantha Base Camp to the Kedarkantha Temple

Gaurikund is where this trek begins. Travelers and tourists can start their most picturesque excursion from Gaurikund by renting automobiles, if they so want. There are fundamentally four checkpoints before travellers arrive in it. The trek offers some great & fantastic amenities including accommodations in five-star hotels, delectable cuisine, and mountains covered in snow that make it seem as though you are walking on the clouds. If travellers choose to spend the night there, they won’t be sorry they did.You can reach the trek by way of this snowy walk.

The following are the key considerations for the Kedarkantha Trek:

  1. Do your research before going to Kedarkantha because the climate there may be unhealthy for some visitors.
  2. Given that it is one of the hardest hikes a traveller may undertake, it is essential that they pass a medical examination.
  3. Travelers should bring any necessary items, such as water bottles, handkerchiefs, and medications.
  4. Travelers must wear sneakers because the route is filled with mountains and snow, making it simple for hikers to navigate the terrain.
  5. Travelers should dress comfortably.
  6. Trekkers from Uttarakhand always accompany visitors and carry an emergency kit with them.
  7. If visitors encounter any issues or difficulties, hikers return them to Kedarkantha’s base camp.
  8. Travelers are required to bring at least a rainbow with them.
  9. Travelers should carry their clothes based on the weather predictions.

Given the extensive safety measures taken and the presence of tour guides at each stop, this trek is regarded as one of the safest treks. As a result, everything will be easy for travellers.

Ideal & Pertfect Season to Visit Kedarkantha:

Due to the snowfall in the months of December through February, hiking is not possible, but visitors can visit temples and take in the scenery. The best months for trekking are April through June because of the moderate weather conditions. Nearly six months of the year are spent with snow.

Now, getting to Kedarkantha is easier than you might expect. This trek is accessible by air, road, and rail.

Nowadays, getting to it is not difficult for tourists. Due to their close proximity to one another, pilgrims who visit Kedarkantha can also visit Rishikesh, Haridwar, and numerous other holy sites.

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