Uttarakhand is fast emerging as India’s premier destination for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies, swiftly overtaking its reputation as a pilgrimage destination. It is home to many interesting activities and world-class experiences and it is definitely recommended for all to try them when they visit Uttarakhand. 

White Water Rafting

The tumultuous tides of the Ganges in Rishikesh are rated as one of the best rapids in the world for white water rafting and thankfully enough this adventure sport is an active activity as well as a commercial service in Rishikesh. With provisions to embark on white water rafting in increasing difficulty of rapids ranging from Grade 1 to 4, this adrenaline pumping experience is completely secure and with complete safety precautions in place in the supervision of trained coaches. Truly this sits on top of the list of treats that the Dev Bhoomi has to offer.

Bungee Jumping

Rishikesh is quickly transforming into India’s adventure hub with its endless list of options for adventure sport lovers and adrenaline junkies. Bungee jumping is another extreme adventure sport that was originally incepted in New Zealand and Rishikesh now has got some world-class facilities to ensure the same experience for adventure lovers in India. These services are available from March to June and October to November every year.

Ganga Arti

The Ganga Arti at Haridwar’s famous Har ki Pauri Ghat is an exclusive attraction to Uttarakhand that draws tourists from all across the world. The evening Aarti ceremony at the legendary Har ki Pauri Ghat is a mesmerising experience when at the brink of dusk the river gets illuminated with a bed of floating lamps. This magnetic ambiance is duly complimented with chants of hymns and prayers along with the mystic fragrance of flowers combined with incense. It is a compulsory activity when in Uttarakhand for all those who wish to connect with the divine.


For adventure lovers and sports enthusiasts, this activity is literally as good as it gets to world-class experiences created in India. The snow-covered slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges of Uttarakhand provide the ideal & perfect platform for skiing during winter. Covered with a thick layer of snow and surrounded by a pristine location, the slopes transform into natural rinks for skiing. Enjoy the thrill of racing down the snow-covered slopes while you make your own path in the mountains. It is open to both professional as well as novice skiers and the best time to visit is during snowfall in the months of November to February during winters.

Jim Corbett National Park

Another interesting activity lined up for you to indulge while in Uttarkhand is a visit to the wild in Jim Corbett National Park which is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in the country. This national park was established way back in the early 19th century to rehabilitate the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger species. While on a visit to the JC National Park on a jungle safari, one can expect to encounter or witness more than 400 species of plants and 500 species of migratory birds along with other wild animals such as the ferocious Bengal Tigers, predators such as leopards, Himalayan black bears, pangolins and many more.

The Jim Corbett National Park is open from 15th October till 15th June. It is advisable to visit during winter in the months of October to February.

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