6 Top Hill Stations Near Uttarakhand

6 Top Hill Stations Near Uttarakhand

When the scorching summer heat is literally sucking the life out of you, what better way to find quick relief from the cruel sun than planning a quick getaway to a hill station. And luckily if you are in Delhi, planning a mountain getaway is easier than you thought. Literally surrounded by the Queen of Hills, neighbouring state of Uttarakhand, finding natural relief from the steaming summer sun is easier than you thought. Uttarakhand is a beautiful state and has many scenic hill stations which preserve its colonial heritage along with an abundant cover of natural beauty and combined with cool chill in the air, it is a joy for the senses.

Here are some of the best hill stations in Uttarakhand that you can visit for a quick mountain getaway. 


A quaint, quiet hill town settlement that was founded by the colonials, Nainital takes its name literally from the Lake Naini that is at the center of the town. Covered deep in mist, early in the morning and after dusk, this almost forgotten settlement has some interesting old world charms to be blown away by, such as fascinating vintage architecture, a horse ride on a pony along the Naini lake, a traditional Indian bazaar with people selling their artisan wares and mysterious walking trail along the mountains.


The next hill station in Uttarakhand to follow on this list is Mussourie, another excavation of the British colonials and founded by them too. Mussourie is another gem in Uttarakhand that definitely deserves a visit not only for its cool breezy climate but also for its sights and hidden treats. The view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and the Doon Valley dotted with lights at night are the highlighting features of this destination.


Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and the next destination on our list of promising hill stations in Uttarakhand. A township settlement built on the Doon Valley that is located between the Siwalik Range and the Himalayan foothills, Dehradun is a hotbed for development and prosperity and rapidly transforming into Uttarakhand’s top urban zone. However the city still preserves its heritage and attractions of the past such as the Clock tower, Tapkeshwar temple, Robber’s Cave, and Forest Research Institute Museum.


For winter sports lovers, why spend a fortune and head to Switzerland when you can simply drop into Auli and ski to your heart’s delight. With long stretches of promising mountain slopes covered in a thick layer of snow, Auli provides the perfect track for skiing and other winter sports in Uttarakhand.


If tall pine tree forests hidden from sight at the top with a thick cover of mist and gabled top vintage red brick houses are the ingredients for making your vacation enjoyable, Ranikhet is the best place to head forward to. Simply sit on your porch and sip on a cup of piping hot tea while relaxing in the comfortable outdoors and enjoying peace and serenity of nature. 


Perched at an altitude of 1890 metres, Kausani is another prospective hill station to visit in Uttarakhand and is ideal for people looking for some solitude and quiet away from hustle and bustle of city life.

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